Speaker Date Topic
Club Assembly Jul 19, 2018
Club Assembly
Officer Dan Ruth, Gurnee Police Department Jul 26, 2018
Opioid Epidemic
Opioid Epidemic

This week’s guest speaker will be Gurnee Police Officer Dan Ruth, who will speak to us about the growing opioid crisis and how it is impacting Lake County.

Ruth is a five-year veteran of the Gurnee Police Department, joining the force in 2013 after a stint in the Round Lake Park Police Department.

Ruth will address the growing opioid crisis in the country along with how it is impacting Lake County. He will also tell us about how law enforcement agencies, especially the Gurnee Police, are handling the crisis, and the various health and criminal fallout from the crisis.

TBA Jul 26, 2018
TBD Aug 02, 2018
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